Increasing Veteran Enrollment

Starting this fall, Princeton will accept transfer applications, partly seeking to attract a group historically underrepresented at Princeton: U.S. military veterans. The Board commends this policy change and the specific mention of veterans on the transfer application webpage. The Board also praises the University’s increased outreach through its work with the Warrior Scholars Project and encourages Princeton to expand these efforts.

The lack of a transfer program at Princeton has been blamed for the University’s low veteran enrollment compared to its peer institutions. Because many veterans obtained community college credits or took classes in the military during their service, they were likely deterred from applying to an institution unwilling to accept those credits. The Board commends the University responding to this issue by amending its transfer program and encouraging veteran participation.

This year also marked the beginning of Princeton’s outreach efforts to current military members and veterans by hosting a one to two-week “academic boot camp” with the Warrior Scholars Program. The program provided veterans with the opportunity to take a one week mini-course at Princeton and helps prepare them for the application process. Given the incredibly diverse range of backgrounds of veterans, these efforts are important in increasing the accessibility of Princeton by providing a short sample of the academic experience and helping to position them to be successful applicants. The Board commends this effort and urges the University to continue hosting such programs.

The Board further suggests that Princeton expand these efforts through direct outreach to those who have recently left the military or are currently still serving. This outreach is particularly important for those currently serving, as it will encourage them to consider Princeton as an option and allow them to better prepare academically.  

U.S. military veterans and their unique sets of experiences and backgrounds will be excellent additions to the Princeton community and help the University live up to its motto of being “in the nation’s service.” The Board commends the University’s current efforts to increase veteran enrollment. We encourage Princeton to continue expanding these efforts to make Princeton more accessible to those who have served their country.